100 ml / 45% abv

Precious drops from the hive.

A unique aromatic bitter that fully exploits the aromatic potential of propolis and honey.

A true concentration of flavours, obtained from the maceration of propolis, herbs, spices and honey in wheat distillate and water.

A few drops to make a simple tonic water more special or to enhance a cocktail.

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Among Enrico’s hobbies is beekeeping and since high school he has been devoting time and passion to the care of his bees: that’s why he never lacks propolis and honey.

One evening we mixed them with an excellent bourbon to prepare an Old Fashioned cocktail, challenging the official rules of bartending.

The result was so satisfying that it gave rise to a new project. Beetter is an aromatic bitter based on honey, spices, propolis and alpine herbs.

A few drops for an intense and unique taste. Just a stone’s throw away from the hive.

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