Negroni Alpino


200 ml / 23,40% vol

High altitude cocktail.

The historic cocktail reinterpreted by Argalà.

Ready to drink, to be served cold.

Baldoria red vermouth, Genepy gin, Aperitivo Bitter and Amaro. Alpino, of course.

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The legend goes that on an indefinite day in 1919, Fosco Scarselli, the bartender at the Caffè Casoni in Florence, was asked for a stronger Americano cocktail by a regular customer: he obliged, swapping out soda for gin. The new cocktail became then rapidly popular across Europe with the name of its first taster, Count Camillo Negroni, a well educated Florentine noble with an English mother and a passion for travel. And if among his many travels Count Negroni had also visited the Maritime Alps?

Our Negroni is an Alpine tribute to what is considered the father of the classic cocktails,100% Italian.

Baldoria red vermouth, Genepy gin, Bitter and Amaro Alpino on the bitter side, for a balsamic and persistent twist.

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